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Associations are NOT part of Government, They are voluntary support groups

League of Arizona Cities & Towns

The League of Arizona Cities and Towns is to promote local self-government, municipal independence and provide professional and high quality assistance to the municipal governments in the State of Arizona.
Mission Statement-The League of Arizona Cities and Towns, a voluntary membership organization of the incorporated municipalities in Arizona, exists to provide vital services and tools to all its members, focusing principally on representing the interests of cities and towns before the legislature, and secondarily on providing technical and legal assistance, coordinating shared services and producing high quality conference and educational events.


Arizona City/County Management Association 

The Arizona City/County Management Association was established in 1954. It is a non-profit, professional organization dedicated to increasing the knowledge and ability of city, town, and county managers, as well as other local government administrators and to strengthen the quality of local government in the State of Arizona through professional management, education, training, and the mutual exchange of information.

The ACMA cooperates with the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, the International City/County Management Association, various public institutions of higher learning in Arizona, and other organizations dedicated to supporting and promoting local government management. The organization was incorporated in 1998. It currently has approximately 280 members and is staffed by the League of Arizona Cities and Towns.


Government Finance Officers Association of Arizona

The Government Finance Officers Association of Arizona (GFOAz) is a non-profit professional organization that serves the government finance profession in Arizona. GFOAz serves as the state chapter of the national Government Finance Officers Association. We were founded in 1965 and have a membership of nearly 300 individuals. We encourage membership from state, county, and city governments, school districts, colleges, universities, special districts, and private firms. The purpose of GFOAz is to improve the practice of governmental finance in the State of Arizona as developed and recommended by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada as well as other recognized authorities. GFOAz provides a system of networking, training and information sharing to develop and enhance the knowledge, skills, and performance of individuals responsible for municipal and other local government fiscal policy and management.

Mission Statement -GFOAz promotes excellence in government financial management through leadership, education and communication.

Arizona Municipal Clerks Association 

AMCA was founded in 1961. Our mission is to promote excellence and professionalism through support, communication and educational opportunities for each member. AMCA is committed to maintaining a high standard of leadership, respect, and integrity in all aspects of our operations and in our professional and business conduct. We strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in our relationships with members and provide educational and networking opportunities for the betterment and enrichment of the “Clerk” profession.   The Arizona Municipal Clerks’ Association offers educational opportunities, networking solutions and mentoring to its members to promote professionalism, leadership and proficiency to the clerk profession.

 Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police


 Arizona City Attorneys Association (ACAA)

The Arizona City Attorneys Association (ACAA) is an affiliate group of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns. The ACAA is comprised of attorneys, assistant attorneysand deputy attorneys for the 91 cities and towns in Arizona.



ICMA is the world’s leading association of professional city and county managers and other employees who serve local governments.

ICMA’s vision is to be the leading association of local government professionals dedicated to creating and supporting thriving communities throughout the world. We do this by working with our more than 11,000 members to identify and speed the adoption of leading local government practices in order to improve the lives of residents.  ICMA offers membership, professional development programs, research, publications, data and information, technical assistance, and training to thousands of city, town, and county chief administrative officers, their staffs, and other organizations throughout the world.