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Sedona Facts

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Sedona City & Chamber

The City of Sedona does not govern the Fire & School Districts.
The Fire and School Districts encompass the city limits of Sedona and the counties of Coconino & Yavapai.
***** The Chamber is NOT part of the GOVERMENT they are a private-membership business organization ******

  • 2018 Estimated "City Taxes"
    Sales Taxes  $16,673,800
    Bed Taxes $3,977,200
    Franchise Fees  $759,400
    Contingent Bed Taxes  $550,000
    Totals $21,960,400
  • * Only includes Taxes the City of Sedona Collects on behalf of the City. Does NOT include other city revenues.

Yavapai Sheriff Department Reports

sale tax

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"SALES TAX PAID BY VISITORS: Extension of the current Jail District sales tax to fund jail operation is preferable because it imposes less of a burden on county residents. According to studies conducted by Arizona State University in 2016, approximately 17% of the sales in Yavapai County are made to non-residents of the County. Continuing to use a sales tax to help fund the jail means non-residents pay for a significant portion of jail operations, relieving county residents of that burden. In contrast, a property tax is paid almost exclusively by Yavapai County residents. Thus, continuing the existing sales tax will actually save Yavapai County residents money."

Sedona, City, Chamber Transient Lodging Districts

***** The Chamber is NOT part of the GOVERMENT they are a private-membership business organization ******

Many are confused and think Sedona has a Transient Bed District. We don't. Many states operate under area districts that all lodging in that district pays into. Sedona doesn't.

The in-city-lodging pays up to 13.90% in combined taxes.
Timeshares in-city pay ZERO city-bed-tax
Lodging OUTSIDE city limits only pay state & county only at total of 6.35%

Why should the in-city hotels pay for those outside the district?  Popular Hotels Enchantment, Hilton, Seven Canyons, Oak creek canyon and Red Rock Crossing do not pay city-bed-tax. Why should the chamber receive city-bed-tax when only 2.5% of their members actually collect city bed tax? They shouldn't. By Gifting them 2.5 million it is hurting our legitimate in-city businesses. The city council and chamber are BUYING VOTES by gifting city-public funding to non-city. The peeps on Facebook that are a yes are riding the gravy train. 

Sedona Community Circles
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Money to chamber
Money from City to Chamber 2013-2018
Totals $8,623,708.00
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Data from Reports below
Chamber Benchmark
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income spending Sedona
Chamber to City Payouts 2018
Spending 2.5 Million  1.89 MILLION MORE than tax requires
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Bed Tax to Chambers vs. Voluntary bed districts

There is No city that gives a chamber 55% of the city-bed-tax.

No  voluntary bed district (Scottsdale has a voluntary one) allows  city funding to be used for NON city lodging.


What Sedona  is doing is not by anyone standards normal. Stakeholders won't want to do businesses with Sedona is they knew they pay to promote those that do not pay to play.


Two easy solutions or options.

1.The answer is super simple. Take the 2.5 million and give it back to the actually hotels that collected it. If the chamber does such a great job then they can turn around and hire the chamber and give them that money to target market their hotel. They can do performance measures and rate the chamber.


2. Follow the state law and use the 0.5% under the city with the community involved. Place units of measurements in place, track and public all results. Allow the community to use the 0.5% percent = to 615K and put it towards tourism improvements, traffic, planning, cleanup, trails maintenance, police, arts,  Monitor the results. for the common good.


Both solutions allow the industry and the community to learn, grow and build.  It a win for the city, businesses, and residents.  This process allows the city to operated under Total Quality Management and allows our governing board to do what we elected them for instead of meddling in private businesses.

  1. 2018 0.5% = $614,071
  2. 2017 0.5% = $528,400
  3. 2016 0.5% = $439,971
  4. 2015 0.5% = $379,899
  5. 2014 0.5% = $299,613

0.5% Required  

  1. 2018 0.5% = $614,071
  2. 2017 0.5% = $528,400
  3. 2016 0.5% = $439,971
  4. 2015 0.5% = $379,899
  5. 2014 0.5% = $299,613

Payments City to Chamber

  1. FY18 Chamber AP Report
  2. FY17 Chamber AP Report
  3. FY16 Chamber AP Report
  4. FY15 Chamber AP Report
  5. FY14 Chamber AP Report
  6. FY13 Chamber AP Report
  7. FY12 GL Detail Expenditures to  Chamber
  8. FY11 GL Detail Expenditures to  Chamber
  9. FY10 GL Detail Expenditures to  Chamber
  10. FY09 GL Detail Expenditures to  Chamber
  11. FY08 GL Detail Expenditures to  Chamber
  12. FY07 GL Detail Expenditures to  Chamber


  1. SEDONA FY2018 Budget Approved
    RESOLUTION NO. 2017- 12