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Sedona Facts

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Home Rule City of Sedona Spending

Sedona Economic Performance Measurements

Data, Documents, Information, Benchmarks & Reports Government Performance Measurements

General information - How do you know?

This page is dedicated to give us transparent resources, markers, units of measurement and benchmarks on how others track and pave the way.


Did You Know??

  • Unless you monitor for performance or compliance with outsourced contracts, you will have no way of knowing whether they’re being met. Performance measures, third party tracking and reporting are international standards for integrity reporting.

  • The State of Arizona tracks cities and towns. They use the State Agencies listed above. Those state agencies may get data from neutral sources such as AOT who has Universities collecting data for their reporting. Below is information on AHRRC.
    • ARIZONA HOSPITALITY RESEARCH AND RESOURCE CENTER -AHRRC was created in 1989 by the Arizona Legislature to provide market research for the Arizona Office of Tourism.  NAU Link
      Arizona Hospitality Research and Resource Center NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY
      The W. A. Franke College of Business
      PO Box 6024 Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6024  
      Thomas Combrink, M.S. 928-523-7313 Thomas.Combrink@nau.edu
  • Cities and towns generally use a neutral data tracking professions to collect their data. This removes conflicts of interest and allows
    the city or town to make decisions for their jurisdictions. The following company is used by other cities and towns
    • Smith Travel Research -link Smith Travel has many areas of Travel that they monitor. In addition to Hotel they also monitor and have a database on events, STAR Program   Trend Reports   Pipeline Reports   Census Database   HOST Almanac   Global Hotel Study
      • STAR Benchmarking- Identify your property's market share by comparing its performance against your competitive set. Learn more

      • F&B STAR- Benchmark your hotel's Food & Beverage operations with KPIs related to Catering & Banquets, F&B Venues and In-Room Dining.

  • Longwoods International  is another Research company used by Cities and towns.

  •  Tourism Economics  Oxford Economics   Tourism Economics Website

  • http://www.deanrunyadean runyann.com/

Neutral tracking and Reporting Benchmarks - Articles on Subject

  • Importance of Neutral tracking and reporting government cities
    • City of Dallas out lines conflict of interests including Vendors on this page link
    • California Practicing-Ethics-Second-Edition
    • City Ethics Org - CITY ETHICS is a non-profit organization formed in 2000. Its purpose is to provide a centralized location for information and resources for all forms of local government ethics programs-  Local Government Ethics Program Link

Reports, Documents & Data

Performance measurements

  • Third Party Reporting and tracking

 Private - Public Relationships, Promotions, Enrichments  Other Comparisons

  • When Private Enterprise and Public Sectors co-mingle business then the Public (taxpayers) deserve to have transparency
    and review the performance of  private groups. Private Groups can be a business and or a non-profit. There are 23 types
    of non-profits only a 501 c3 is considered charity. While all those special interest 501c3 are NOT Governing Boards, many are membership
    and or special interests focused.

     Special Interests Promotions for Home Rule

    • Main Street - recipient of city $ They received funding from city.

    • Chamber hosting Candidate forum Home Rule - The chamber has much to gain by promoting HR

    • Home Rule promoted in 2014 Fox RRN

    •  Rob Adams promoted Home Rule RRN


  • Private Groups that receive funding from the City of Sedona Taxpayers.

    • Sedona Chamber

    • Mainstreet

    • Red Rock News

    • Sedona Wine Fest

    • Sedona Film Festival

    • Coming Soon

  • Private Groups that receive services / product from the City of Sedona Taxpayers.

    • Sedona Chamber

    • Sedona Marathon

    • Red Earth Theater

    • Sedona Historical

    • Sedona Recycles



  • Coming Soon

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