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Grants Service Contracts

Understanding Grants - Service Contracts

Understanding Grants & Service Agreements
By Donna Joy

Trying to understand who & what of Home Rule lead me on a quest for information on our charitable organizations and the contributions they bring to our community.

Since I have lived in Sedona for around 25 years the story and numbers seem to change. Sometimes I feel the so called facts change to fit ones personal agendas and I’ve noticed the story changing like the game we played as kids where you tell a friends and whisper in their ear. Then they turn to the person next to them and repeat the same sentence. I remember being shocked by the time the story went around the room how dramatically the sentence changed from the original person.

While looking I learned a lot and I feel that now I have a much better understanding and want to share this.

...Grants Service Contracts

We have a two ways that the City funds groups that provide a service to our community. The grant program and service contract methods.  This is somewhat confusing as some listed on the Grant awards get a service contract and some don’t. Some that get Service Contracts are on the grant list.

A few years back when I started trying to understand this I went to the city site and found that the city required all grant money recipients  to be 501C (3)

Then the City Change it to any 501C which includes Business Associations and other group that are not charity.

 Please note that the city gave grants tin 2017 and before to non 501 C(3). as the below images show. Both have dates on them

Screenshot from 2018 (click on image to enlarge)

Screenshot from 2018 (click on image to enlarge)

Since most of the confusion comes from what is a non-profit, grant, versus service contract. Let’s take a look at that.

Here is the list of Grant recipients from 8-01-2013 to 8/1/2017


I noticed that some of our loved charitable were not in the grant folders. So trying to understand it I requested another request
and got the Service Contracts and paid outs.

Charitable and intergovernmental service agreements:

Humane Society Dog Licensing
Pick up and animal care
Provide City with reports
Law Requires A. R. S. § 11-1005  https://www.animallaw.info/statutes/us/arizona
Annual Service
Very Clear and defined
Service Contracts SHS
Lynx Transporation Provides transporatation $33,865.00
Annual Service
Service Contracts lynx
Oak Creek Watershed Water Quality Control Mandatory Compliance with MS4, Permitting, Controls, Measurements, Public Eduations
Annual Service
Service Contracts ocwsc
Sedona Community Center Elder Care &
Food Program
 Meals on Wheels Program, breakfast club for weekend meals, Congregate Meals $169,122
Annual Service
SedonaFactCollective/Finiance-Budget/GRants/service Contracts/sacc.pdf


Service Agreements

Data, Documents, Reports

Data Grant, other


Data, Documents, Reports