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Home Rule City of Sedona Spending

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General information - How do you know?

The greater Sedona Region has different Governing Board that work undependably and may overlap some physical footprint. A perfect example is the Fire & School Districts. These district go into the City Limits but they are NOT part of the city. How do we know if our Governing Boards are doing a good job?

This page is dedicated to give us markers, units of measurement and benchmarks on how others track and pave the way.

General Information on

  • "An important aspect of performance measurement in local government is its customer orientation. ... In contrast, today's performance measurement activities, such as tracking outcomes and service quality, have become common aspects of management processes." Daniel Elroi is the president of Elroi Consulting, Inc Website for Daniel Elroi


Did You Know??

  • The State of Arizona tracks cities and towns. They report some performance measures. The Office of Arizona State Treasure reports on ARIZONA REPORT OF BONDED INDEBTEDNESS website and report link.
  • The City of Sedona indebtedness is $32,645,000 or 3,2645* estimate per person (man, child, total population)
  • Total Outstanding City Debt as of July 1, 2017 is $32,645,000 read more about city finances coming soon

  • The remaining interest due and owing on the City's bonds is $19.69 Million read more about city finances coming soon

Measurement Performance  Benchmarks - Articles on Subject

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Performance measurements

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