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Controlling City Hall
Follow the Money

Follow the money, favors & people using the city government system

When you have a rotating City Council every time they change hands the policy, process and procedures change.
Pet projects get voted in with every new set of them.

We all want to believe that a government especially a small town would want to play fairly. Invite its residents to bring in talents
welcoming all. Unfortunately that is not the case.

...Chamber control of City Hall

Chamber WhosWho

Understanding Home Rule is more than a Yes or No. Following who and what is getting enriched by the system and taxpayer's money is the real issue.
The Political Action Group AZ Elections 18  is fighting hard to KEEP Sedona-City-Public money

  • Formed By Steve Segner, Presidents of Sedona Lodging Group, an Affinity group of the chamber.
    The Political Action groups State filings including income and expenses are here.    page-PAC info

  • AZ Elections 18 is primarily funded by lodging industry. There is direct links to same characters being intertwine with city Grants, City Service Contracts along with payments for services renders.

  • Connecting the dots of the players indicates what a person or business is up against. How votes are being bought, who and how they use those to win it.


Small towns like Sedona have many ways to confuse the public. The local paper picks and chooses who they want to get out of the game and do so.
A recent article indicated that a person who was researching public documents and requesting them from the city was responsible for the AG complaint filed.
This complaint has to do with a no-bid contract with the regional Sedona for Millions of dollars and the city of Sedona.

The local paper named Donna Varney as the sacrificial lamb. Donna Varney has been targeted by the paper for local haters. In response to this article Donna Varney wrote this and hand delivered it. Kyle Larson in an email agreed to public it but as of 8-2-2018 they have not. Donna's letter to Newspaper

Sedona Home Rule forum July 28, 2018

The Verde Valley League of Women's Voters hosted a Forum on July 28, 2018

Barbara Littrel was the President of the League and an advocate for the Sedona Chamber during her time on the Sedona City council.

YES Side

Andrea Christelle  didn't disclosed to the public she worked for the Sedona public Library until a few week before the forum. She was hired by the Library and they announced in in April 2018 in their news release Link here She played the scared tactic during the event and even named the Library as one of those non-profits that would lose money without Home Rule. The library is funded through property taxes. Learn more about the wealthy Library here.  Understanding Home Rule Over the last four year the library has received in addition to the Public funding form our property Taxes
The Sedona Public Library has received $1,212,898 over the years 2015-2017 averaging $404, 299 a YEAR!
Sedona Public Library - checks by date
Sedona Public Library Service Contract 2017

Holli Ploog Also didn't disclosed  everything before the public in the forum. She according to the tax returns of The Sedona Arts Center is the Treasurer. The Sedona Arts Center has received $106,125 from the city of Sedona Grant program. See Return here   
The Sedona Arts Center has received $106,125 between 08/01/2013 to 08/01/2018 from the city of Sedona
Holli also didn't disclose that she is a supporter of the PAC AZ elections 18 Link page


City broke it own Policy

then slipped in the change of Grant to 501C 3

Then the City Change it to any 501C which includes Business Associations and other group that are not charity.

 Please note that the city gave grants tin 2017 and before to non 501 C(3). as the below images show. Both have dates on them

Screenshot from 2018 (click on image to enlarge)

Screenshot from 2018 (click on image to enlarge)

Since most of the confusion comes from what is a non-profit, grant, versus service contract. Let’s take a look at that.

Here is the list of Grant recipients from 8-01-2013 to 8/1/2017


I noticed that some of our loved charitable were not in the grant folders. So trying to understand it I requested another request
and got the Service Contracts and paid outs.

We do have to look at those being enriched with a Yes vote. How the non-profits are being scared into a yes vote.

Unlimited budget with no restrictions has allowed the City council to BUY votes. They BUY Votes by gifting money to the largest voting blocs.

Look at those that did the Yes on Home Rule Forum. The two Yes side neglected to tell you that BOTH f them are tied to non-profits and are recipients of Grant and Service-Contract money from the City of Sedona.

Since August of 2012 the Sedona Public Library has received 2.3 million from the city of Sedona via a service contract even though they are funded by the property taxes from  both Yavapai and Coconino County. The service contract located here: indicates that the library must provide services for Residents & Tourists.  Why do the residents need to be double taxed?

Why isn’t that .5% bed tax dollar being used for tourism improvement if the tourists have increased the burden on the Sedona Public Library?  When Andrea Christelle stood up and spoke Yes for Home Rule, she neglected to tell you she was employed by the LIBRARY and recently QUIT.

The Sedona Art Center has received via grant money totaling  $106,125 from August 2013 to August 2017. Why didn’t Holli Ploog tell you she is the Treasurer of the Sedona Art Center?  Holli Ploog also Contributed to Az Election Pac  the is fighting hard to keep the Chamber no-bid Contract. Why didn’t they tell you at the forum they were involved in these two non-profit that may funding without Home Rule?

Then we get into AZ Elections 18 who are they? Who are they paying? Steve Segner president of the Sedona Lodging Council, an affinity group of the regional Chamber. The Sedona Chamber the recipients of a no-bid contract = 2.5 million a year.

The regional-chamber uses that money for their exclusive use, and the legitimate businesses that are required to impose, collect and manage those in-city-taxes got no voice and no vote nor do they get to do a performance review on the Chamber so called Destination Marketing. Why is that?

Looking at those contributing to this group are 90% from those being enriched by the Chambers no bid contract. Those being paid through AZ Elections 18 are also being enriched by the no bid chamber contract with the city. Comello Media is paid by AZ Elections 18, owner Al Comello sits on the Chamber board. He was also Sandy Moriety campaign manager back in 2012. Al also sits on the Adult Community Center as a director. 

Front Burner Media owned by Heather Herman was hired by AZ Election 18 according to their report. Heather serves on the School board, worked for the Sedona Chamber and is married to Mike Herman. Mike Herman is employed by Pink Jeep Tours and also sits on the Sedona Chamber Board of Directors.

The AZ election 18 promoted by the Chamber are fighting hard to keep control of taxpayer’s money. There are ads in the Red Rock News while Kyle Larson of the Red Rock News sits on the Chamber Board of Directors also. The newspaper is a major tool for marketing of the Chamber. So we can only image what a great source of income the Sedona Chamber’s account is to the paper.

It doesn’t matter where you come from 2.5 million a year is a hell of a lot of MONEY.
Money is on the table folks and THAT is what the vote is about.  

Charitable and intergovernmental service agreements:

Humane Society Dog Licensing
Pick up and animal care
Provide City with reports
Law Requires A. R. S. § 11-1005
Annual Service
Very Clear and defined
Service Contracts SHS
Lynx Transportation Provides transportation $33,865.00
Annual Service
Service Contracts lynx
Oak Creek Watershed Water Quality Control Mandatory Compliance with MS4, Permitting, Controls, Measurements, Public Educations
Storm water
Annual Service
Service Contracts ocwsc
Sedona Community Center Elder Care &
Food Program
 Meals on Wheels Program, breakfast club for weekend meals, Congregate Meals $169,122
Annual Service
SedonaFactCollective/Finance-Budget/Grants/service Contracts/sacc.pdf



Data, Documents, Reports

Data Grant, other


Data, Documents, Reports