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 Greater Sedona Transportation Traffic Information  


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The State of Arizona  owns 179 and 89A except for a small portion of 89A in Uptown. That small portion is own by the City of Sedona. ADOT maintains the state roads. Some of our roads are also managed by the county.

Transportation Updates

Quick over view

Traffic 2016
Sedona Roads Daily Trips in 2016
Capacity Roads in 2016


Sources & Reports

Benchmarks Other Comparisons

  • City of Scottsdale Traffic Impact Studies PDF here

  • City of Avondale -  Traffic Impact Analysis Procedures PDF Report.


Articles on Subject

  • Sedona Eye, Sedona AZ (July 27, 2016), Author City of Sedona Link Here

  • The great Sedona traffic jam, The Verde Independent  (May 4, 2017), Author Lily Altavena, Cronkite News  Link Here

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