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Sedona Facts

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 Greater Sedona ~ Sales Tax Bed Tax Information 

Understanding Sales Tax & Bed Tax

General information

  • To understand the how Sales Tax and Bed Tax works we have to understand the government agencies and their jurisdiction.
    The Who, What, When tax laws. 

Quick Overview Tax information

Hotels Rooms are charged Bed tax and Sales Tax
 City versus County Areas
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sale tax rates
Sale Taxes are charged to retail items including Entertainment, Restaurants ect
Taxes Sales tax City versus County Areas
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Taxes Bed tax City per day
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average saving
Taxes Bed tax City per day
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City Sales Taxes
 City of Sedona
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Who, What, & When Tax information


  • The State of Arizona has Sales Tax that businesses selling taxable items must collect.
    2018 rate is 5.6%. The link to State AZDOR.gov is here.
  • Each and every County in Arizona charges an additional Sales Tax in addition to the states sales tax.
    Yavapai County Sales Tax is  0.75%, State & Yavapai then takes you to 6.35%
    Coconino County Sales Tax is  1.30%, State & Coconino then takes you to 6.9%
    *If you make a purchase in a city or town then those taxes will be added to these.
  • City of Sedona charges 3.5% Sales Tax. This makes all purchases subject to sales tax:
    Sedona City limits,Yavapai County, & State Sales Tax  equals 9.85%
    Sedona City limits,Coconino County, & State Sales Tax  equals 10.4%
  • A fact based lookup Sales Tax Lookup Link


  • Bed Taxes- transient lodging classification are in addition Sales tax
    AZ link for Rates
  • Bed Taxes- transient lodging Yavapai County
    As of March 1, 2018
    Sedona Yavapai County outside city limits (0.825%+5.5%) = 6.35%               
    Sedona City Limits Yavapai County is 3.5% + 3.5% + 0.825% + 5.5% = 13.325%
  • Bed Taxes- transient lodging Coconino County 
    As of March 1, 2018 Greater Sedona Coconino County outside city limits (1.4%+5.5%) = 6.90%               
    Sedona City Limits Coconino County is 3.5% + 3.5% + 1.4% + 5.5% = 13.90%
  •  Bed Taxes- transient lodging

Companies who track Tourism

  • F&B STAR- Benchmark your hotel's Food & Beverage operations with KPIs related to Catering & Banquets, F&B Venues and In-Room Dining.

  • Longwoods International  is another Research company used by Cities and towns.

  •  Tourism Economics  Oxford Economics   Tourism Economics Website

  • Coming Soon

Articles on Subject

  • Yavapai Sheriff Department Reports

    "SALES TAX PAID BY VISITORS: Extension of the current Jail District sales tax to fund jail operation is preferable because it imposes less of a burden on county residents. According to studies conducted by Arizona State University in 2016, approximately 17% of the sales in Yavapai County are made to non-residents of the County. Continuing to use a sales tax to help fund the jail means non-residents pay for a significant portion of jail operations, relieving county residents of that burden. In contrast, a property tax is paid almost exclusively by Yavapai County residents. Thus, continuing the existing sales tax will actually save Yavapai County residents money."

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