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Sedona Facts

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State Government

State Legislators ,Office of the Auditor,

The State of Arizona Government Agencies 

Sedona Airport

  • Yavapai County Link
  • Sedona Airport
    235 Air Terminal Drive, Unit 1 Sedona, AZ 86336
    Phone: (928) 282-4487
    Fax: (928) 204-1292

Arizona State Legislature

  • Arizona State Capitol Complex
    1700 W Washington St
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
  • Senate  (602)-926-3559   1-800-352-8404

  • House   (602)-926-4221 1-800-352-8404

  • Legislative Council  (602)-926-4236

  • JLBC  (602)-926-5416

Our District Contacts

  • Stare Representative Walter Blackman  (District 6) :  WBLACKMAN@azleg.gov  (602) 926-3043

List for entire State Legislature


Office of the Auditor General

The Office of the Auditor General serves as an independent source of impartial information concerning state and local governmental entities and provides specific recommendations to improve the operations of those entities.  To fulfill its statutory duties, the Office must

  • ascertain whether public entities are making wise use of their resources—public money, personnel, property, equipment, and space;

  • determine whether public entities are complying with applicable laws, regulations, and governmental accounting and financial and reporting standards;

  • define standards and establish procedures for accounting and budgeting, as the Legislature requires; and

  • provide technical assistance to state and local governmental entities.

 The Joint Legislative Audit Committee, which oversees all audit functions of the Arizona Legislature, provides direction for the Auditor General’s Office. Subject to approval by a majority vote of both legislative houses, the Committee also appoints the Auditor General for a 5-year renewable term.

The Auditor General is assisted in fulfilling office responsibilities by a Deputy and nearly 200 employees organized into five operating divisions: Accounting Services,​ Financial AuditFinancial InvestigationsPerformance Audit, and School Audits. These divisions are supported by a general counsel and administrative, information technology services, and quality control groups.

The Office has audit responsibility for state agenciescountiesuniversitiescommunity college districts, and school districts. The Office also completes highly specific research and investigative projects in response to legislative requests.

The Office of the Auditor General is an Equal Employment Opportunity Agency.


House of Representatives

Arizona Office of Tourism-  information & Data

Sources of State Government information and data.  

  • Arizona Office of Tourism - AZ.gov -Click Here   
  • AOT-The Research Division generates, tracks, and analyzes data about domestic and international travel behavior,
    economic impacts and industry trends, and serves as the research repository for all travel-related tourism information in the state.
      click here
  • Data on Northern Region 09-01-16  -PDF Click Here
  • State Government Cities & Town Tax codes Click Here

State Government
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