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Sedona Facts

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 Transportation Traffic Information  
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 City of Sedona - Transportation - Traffic Documentation

ADOT owns 179 and 89A except for a small portion of 89A in Uptown


Reports, Data & Documents

  • Traffic Study Click Here   
  • Sedona Highway Corridor Assessment 1996 Click Here
  • SR-89A Crash Analysis & Safety Evaluation Click Here
  •  Coming Soon

Benchmarks Other Comparisons

  • City of Scottsdale Traffic Impact Studies PDF here

  • City of Avondale -  Traffic Impact Analysis Procedures PDF Report.




Articles on Subject

  • Sedona Eye, Sedona AZ (July 27, 2016), Author City of Sedona Link Here

  • The great Sedona traffic jam, The Verde Independent  (May 4, 2017), Author Lily Altavena, Cronkite News  Link Here

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