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 Wastewater Sewer System- City of Sedona

Government Data, Documents, Information, Benchmarks & Reports

Did You Know??

  •  Sedona Wastewater

    Over 60% of the City area has access to the sewer system

    Plant is located outside the city limits. Map showing wastewater location, High School is city limits.
    Sedona Wastewater plant
    Link to larger image  

  • Drilling & Spraying Overlook
      Close up wastewater plant Sedona
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  • ADEQ controls and monitors all wastewater systems in our state  Visit AZ ADEQ Website

Sedona's Wastewater Performance Dashboard

  • Wastewater debt = $22,620,000  69% Total Outstanding City debt!
    source Sedona City Budget FY 2017-18

  • Monthly fees charged to Residents $61.11 52.36% higher than Cottonwood
    Source-City benchmark 2017 Budget to budget

Budget Overviews

Wastewater spending

  • Wasterwater charges from departments

wastercharges departments

FUND/DEPARTMENT  2017 2017 2017 2018
City Manager 47950 731 48681
Human Resources 19440 107 19547
Financial Services 406520 376720 168850
Information Technology 87578 89075 75130
City Attorney 21090 21090 100000
City Clerk 12650 0 12650
Public Works& Engineering 267153 281933 344490
Totals 862381 838 849696 688470
Contingency 10000 100000
Capital improvements  3049750 35800 2474750 5077050
Debt Service 5151325 5151325 40409735
Wastewater Fund 2941188 -35800 2708165 3274866

Wastewater Performance Measures - We need to know

  • Product Quality
    • Sanitary Sewer Overflows (per 100 miles of Sewer)
  • Productivity
  • Percent of Households
  • Percent of Businesses- Hotels on Sewer
  • Number of Customer Accounts per Employee
  • Number of Account per MGD Treated
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Financial Viability
  • Operational & Maintenance Cost
  • Outstanding Debt
  • Customer rates
  • Infrastructure
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Maintenance Holes Inspected
  • Other
  • Monitoring and Reporting Violations

  • Permit Limit Violations

  • Illegal Bypasses of Treatment Facilities

Sedona City Wastewater Sewer Reports, Documents & Data

    1. In 1999 the City Council formulated a financial plan. Instead of instituting property assessments the Council moved to subsidize the WW system with sales tax revenue. Residents were promised a 47% subsidy so they wouldn't have to carry the cost burden of the sewer system.
      Sedona.Biz, September 11, 2009 City Finances Part 2: Sedona's Wastewater Fund 

    2. CDM Wastewater Rate Study - Final Report 2010 Link

    3. Grant Hoag's Report 2013 - System Rate  City of Sedona 2013 Wastewater System Rate Study link
      On January 15, 2014, the City Council agreed to a 4 percent increase each July 1st, from 2014 through 2018, a retroactive 10% Cost of Service Adjustment for 2014, and an early reduction in the sales tax subsidy pursuant to the Consultant's financial plan. 
      SOURCE- Data PDF, Direct link for City Council Action Minutes, January 15, 2014.

    4. PUBLIC MEETING, December 5, 2016 
      Sedona Waste Water Master Plan Update Public Meeting Link  The City is in the process of updating the Wastewater Master Plan. It is looking at locations that are on septic systems to determine if those areas can be connected to the sewer collections system. The potential monthly sewer rate increases for current sewer users are itemized on Pages 27 and 28. The increases may or may not violate the City's anti-discrimination Human Rights Ordinance as sewer extensions into new areas are not the financial responsibility of the 60% of residents currently on the system.                http://www.sedonaaz.gov/Home/ShowDocument?id=30324 or PDF link- Sedona Wastewater Master Plan Update.
      The City's Financial Services Department states on its web page "As result of the financial plan, the City Council approved a 4 percent increase per year for the next six years, beginning July 1, 2014, NOT TRUE. To be accurate, the City Council approved a retroactive 10% cost of Service Adjustment for 2014 plus a 4 percent annual increase for the next four years (FY 2015- FY 2018) SOURCE- Data PDF, Direct link 

    5. FY 2017-18 Proposed Budget (518 pages) The City Manager's Office Memorandum by Cherie Wright RE: Wastewater Enterprise Fund Analysis, dated April 20, 2017, is embedded in the Proposed Budget. Is this proper disclosure? The pie charts on Page 6 of 29 (actually Page 29) of the subject Memo reveal who is paying the costs of WW operations.  Estimated Population:  Visitors 55.4%; Residents 44.6%   Contributions to WW Operations:  Visitors 24.6%; Residents 75.2% (60% of the 44.6% resident population pays 75.2%)  FY 17-18 Proposed Budget  The "2014 Fee Study Recommended  Rate  Increases" chart on Page 4 (actually Page 27) of the proposed budget is incorrect.  Instead of a 4% rate increase for 2018-19 and 2019-20 and a 3% rate increase for 2020-21 through 2022- 23,  NO rate increase was recommended beyond 2017-18 by Consultant Grant Hoag or adopted by the City Council. 0% IS CORRECT for ALL years. SOURCE- Data, PDF  city link: www.sedonaaz.gov/home/showdocument?id=31154 
      FY 2017-18 Proposed Budget pdf

    6. FY 2016-17 Proposed Budget(405 pages) The City Manager's Office Memorandum by Karen Daines (Osburn) and Cherie Wright, dated April 21, 2016, RE: Wastewater Enterprise Fund Analysis- Reductions in Sale Tax Subsidy, is EMBEDDED in the Proposed Budget. Is this proper disclosure? Page 1 (actually page 10) states "40% of the wastewater operating revenue is coming from the General Fund. In Addition, since fiscal year 1989, the General Fund has subsidized the Wastewater Fund with over $104 million of City sales taxes." NOT TRUE. 1999 was the  beginning of the sales tax subsidies. Amount since 1999 is ???) Source: Sedona Biz, September 11, 2009, 
      City Finances Part 2: Sedona's Wastewater Fund 
      On Page 13, 
      Reduction in Sales Tax Subsidy, is the UNTRUE rate information again: "The 2013 rate study adopted by Council included an annual 4 percent increase to all the City's sewer rates through FY20 with a 3 percent increase in FY21 through FY23." Pages 11-12 analyze Wastewater SAVINGS. $1.86 million in unanticipated sales taxes; $1.57 million in interest savings from bond refinances; and $4 million less in expected capital expenditures look to be saved during the period FY 14 - FY 20. Given the savings, the Council reduced the sales tax subsidy from 30% to 25% one year early, opting to not suspend the 4% rate increase for FY17.
      FY 2016-17 Proposed Budget Link
      Proposed Budget 2016-17.pdf   http://www.sedonaaz.gov/home/showdocument?id=29076

    7. FY 2015-16 Proposed Budget (471 Pages) Interim City Manager Karen Daines (now Osburn) states on Page 1-10 (actually Page 12): "On May 27, 2014, the City Council adopted a new wastewater rate structure which tied the rates to the cost of providing service and included a four percent (4%) increase each July 1, from 2014 through 2018." http://www.sedonaaz.gov/home/showdocument?id=25949 PDF link Proposed 2015-16 Budget

    8. ACTION ITEM LIST for January 15, 2014 Council Meeting. "Council agreed by majority consensus to approve the financial plan recommendations [from Consultant Grant Hoag] for a 4% per year increase in rate-based revenues for FY 2014-15 through FY 2017-18." This Council Action did not involve fiscal years after FY 2017-18. www.sedonaaz.gov/Home/ShowDocument?id=21981 Pdf Link 01-15-14 Action Item List Wastewater

    9. ORDINANCE NO. 2014-05, Wastewater Rate Increase 2014. Passed and adopted on May 27, 2014. The adopted 4 percent annual interest rate increase from fiscal year 2014-15 through 2017-18 is set forth in attached EXHIBIT A, WASTEWATER FEE SCHEDULE 2014-2018. Sales tax subsidies during the period are immediately reduced. The retroactive 10 percent Cost of Service increase is not included. www.sedonaaz.gov/Home/ShowDocument?id=23274

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