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Sedona & Greater Sedona Governing Boards

Sedona is located in two counties, Yavapai & Coconino. The Greater Sedona Region called Sedona is smack in the middle of forest land with the unincorporated area being physically larger than the city limits and the general population being close to even.

A declining population of 10,000 residents inside the city limits. The Fire and School Districts service just above 20,000 residents between both counties. The district areas mirror each other. Yavapai County property tax rates have recently hit Orange County, California rates with Sedona Yavapai County exceeding Newport Beach, California rates.

The zip code 86336 can be in either the unincorporated, incorporated and in either Yavapai or Coconino counties. 

Sedona Fire District

The Public Library is funded by both counties via your property taxes along with the Fire District & School District. The city has extremely limited services; Districts and library were here before the city incorporated.

Did you know that in the Greater Sedona Region some deliveries and internet sales get charged Sedona City Sales Tax even if that location is outside city limits?

Greater Sedona and the overlapping governments is not like other cities or towns. I bring this up as even two of our State Legislators have told me they were unaware of these details.

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