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Sedona’s Community Support

Sedona’s Livability & Buyability – locals vote with their wallets.

Following the numbers and connecting the dots is critical in today’s world. The systems in which our society functions is much different than 20 years ago. Who gets what and how we live, how we do business has completely changed, especially in Sedona, Arizona.

What has changed and how have those changes affect your quality of life? How has those changes effected where you shop, do business, or get healthcare?

Is the City of Sedona treating the residents and incity business fairly? Is the City of Sedona building their own army to work against those inside the city limits?

There is documents after documents that show us the City is doing just that. They have increased the taxes, traffic, and disengaged the residents and small businesses from city involvement. They don’t allow them to use their voices or have a say so.

The City has a preferred organization that they gift and allow all kinds of special privileges while similar ones get disregarded.

Locals are being driven out while special interests armies get more control. In 2012 when the city considered raising both bed and sales tax, the proposal of the regional Chamber. Petitions were signed to stop any increase in city sales tax. Residents, Tourists, Employees and Merchants all did protest. They knew that raising sales tax would take them out of the marketplace. Pricing Sedona out of buyability. Stop locals from shopping and dining inside the city limits. Why would raising City sales tax do that?

In March of 2018 the City council increased the sales tax from 3% to 3.5%. Sedona city taxes were already high. Sedona City Businesses were already paying higher overhead costs while the city markets Sedona’s in-city competition, those businesses outside the city limits.

Sedona Businesses in city fees, taxes and costs

How is the city limiting and hurting their own in city businesses? All the businesses inside the city limits of Sedona answer to city hall. The city sales tax, other fees and laws are imposed on in city businesses.

  • City Sales tax
  • City business license fees
  • Signage,occupancy fees
  • Sales tax on commercial rents! Commercial rents are extremely high and the city adds sales tax to them. Image you restaurant rent is 8,000 a month, add the 3.5% on top of that. $280 a month more going to the city or $3,360 a year!
  • Sales tax and franchise fees on all utilities with these commercial fees being much higher than residential
  • Business supply items being delivered are also imposed a city sales tax.
  • Banners, special event fees

Are all the businesses treating the same? No they are not. Some businesses get FREE product and services waived if they are like by the city. Permit fees, licenses fees special event fees or use of city property are waived if you are in the “liked” group. A perfect example is the business association of the regional chamber. What does the Sedona Chamber get that like businesses inside the city limits don’t? Well the list is so long and would take over this entire segment. Here is a sneak peak link, more to come on this….

Cost of Living Markers

  • Sedona cost of living 147% higher
  • Population declining 10,246
  • Median Household Income $50,133
  • Housing 256% higher
  • Avg. Home Price $501,500 121%
  • Healthcare 121% higher
  • Property Taxes for Sedona District.

Sedona cost of living markers are shocking and with these markers how can a one survived? Can a young family work, live and play here in Sedona? Then add the combine sales tax of 9.850% and bummer to bummer traffic, what is the effect on residents, employees and businesses?

Even back in 2013 Councilperson Williamson stated she went to Cottonwood to go out to eat as it was too expensive in Sedona to dine in the city.

2018 results

Past Cost of living marker graph for Sedona with 2019 increasing an additional 9.2% in one year!!!!!! Proves that the city of Sedona and their marketing program is driving the Quality of life, and the buyability down.

Asking questions is a tool in learning, moving forward in a positive format.

Here are some questions we will answer and how tracking the markers give us the correct answers and solutions in building our community.
Is the increases driving resident to shop and dine outside the district? Is the imposed fees on small businesses eating into their profits giving them less? Is the traffic limiting residents access to healthcare, shopping, entertainment? Is this disconnecting our community and subdivisions? The answers are yes please stay tune and sign up for our newsletter to learn more.

Residents & Small Businesses are paying enriching third party entities with taxpayers money.

Does what happen in Sedona City limits stay in Sedona city limits? NO. Learn more on who is paying and those being enriched. Stay tune………..

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