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Have a question? our team will research team and get you the answers. Fact check them for you. This is an open Sedona Q & A forum. You must use your real name to have your question posted. ASK = Always seek knowledge

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Sedona’s Community Support

Sedona’s Livability & Buyability – locals vote with their wallets. Following the numbers and connecting the dots is critical in today’s world. The systems in which our society functions is much different than 20 years ago. Who gets what and how we live, how we do business has completely changed, especially in Sedona, Arizona. What […]


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The Sedona Facts  is a collection of facts and a collection of people supplying and using these facts. A “Think Tank” model was used. We spent hours, days, weeks, months actually, refining and designing this website, so that you could have the best possible information available.  The intent is to provide a community resource for citizens […]